Freak Slug

Dear fellow musicians,

Dear Friends,

this performance of the ensemble will take place on the 26th of january at the Centre Civic de Poble Nou. Site inspection, favorable circumstances and explicit wishes of our coordinator, made me opt for a sure bet: a pop concert.

Dream Guerrilla will be at the service of a talented songwriter we already know: Xenya Genovese. This time our task is to provide stability through repetition instead of erratic movement through constant variation: we shall be like a caravan slowly, safely escorting the singing odalisk to the other end of the desert.

Concerning the nature of our job as musicians, we will largely stay within the confort zone. You’ll agree this approach finally sounds like a transgression to our decadent ears.

This technically means: written parts, guided improvisation and REHEARSALS.

The exercise is about focusing on clean execution: a good or well mastered execution is what allows the energy to flow undisturbingly. We all love that feeling! Don’t we?

We will be very glad to rely on each other. I will soon get in touch with you and once again the job will be taylored around your talents, skills… and curves, I guarantee.

Beauty is the creed.

What is your answer lads?