Mübin & Giano

The mesmerizing melodies and sounds of anatolian folk music meet the rhythms and colours of electronic music.

Rome 2008, a fortuitous encounter brings two apparently distant musicians together: Mübin Dünen, turkish-kurdish folk singer and player of several instruments and Giovanni Paolo Liotta, eclectic producer of electronic music and longtime experimenter.

A desire for a musical fusion is born: the powerful evocative singing of Mübin, the sparking rain of notes of his santur – persian stringed percussion instrument – is enhanced by the warm live tone of analog synthesizers, the beats of drum-machines, the colours of vintage electronica.

The result is a vibrant unique performance: a blend of dreamy uplifting spirituality and underground acid downtempo, a pleasure for the mind and for the body.

Yaramine Bedewe, a song we played last saturday at CSA Can Vies. Thanks to Pau Gaspar for organisation, to Jakob Jung for the video and to all those who where there!SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT GIGS!

Slået op af MÜBIN & GIANO i Onsdag den 17. april 2019


Mübin Dünen (Silvan, Turquey, 1977)

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Kurdish virtuoso. At the age of twenty he begins his musical activity in a professional way. Besides the santur (Cimbalom) he regularly plays the Nay (flute), Cura (small saz), Tanbur (Turkish cello), duduk and different percussions.
He has collaborated with known musical groups and artists, including: Koma Amed, Koma Azad, Karagunes, Alatav, Lilith, Ciwan Haco, Mehmet Atli, Metin and Kemal Kahraman, Servet Koca Kaya, Mehmet Akbas, Gulay, Burhan Berken, Tayfun Talipoglu, Serdar Keskin, Paola Pitzalis, Magic Carpet, Gisella Vacca, Ámbar Pintore, Sardinian Jazz Orchestra.
He has performed in hundreds of concerts in the United States, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, Romania, Austria and Italy, as a soloist or as a group.
His publications include: BAHAR (2009), ARAF (2009), GEROK (2016)


Giovanni Paolo Liotta (Budapest, 1979)

Eclectic composer since 1999, also known as Die Kreatur and GIANO, he dominates various styles of electronic music, from avantgarde to techno, ambient, pop and minimalism. His expressions also include writing, theatrical performance and multimedia installation.
He has studied with Luca Spagnoletti and collaborated with Andrea Castorina (GRUPPO 00), Anna Clementi, Martha Colburn, Franco Vito Gaiezza, Adele Tirante, Vincent Lesbros, Gianluca Angelini, Raffaele Quarta, Stefano Lenci, Federico Procopio, Gianmarco Limenta.
He published ANG#27(2012) and PIETRE CADUTE (2017).